Allan Gardens Conservatory, Sunday January 31,2016

Nestled in the heart of Toronto sits one of the oldest parks in the city. What started in 1858 as a five acre gift from George Allan, a prominent local politician, to the Toronto Horticultural Society has become a place that has entrenched itself deeply into the history and lore of this great city. 1-DSC_04221-DSC_0298After a disastrous fire in 1902 leveled the original structure, this dome was built in 1910. It has since grown to six greenhouses and a sprawling 16,000 sq. feet.1-DSC_0428 It houses an amazing permanent collection of exotic plants from around the world. 1-DSC_03111-DSC_03971-DSC_0360Walking through any of the six greenhouses gives you the feeling of being somewhere else, just for a moment.1-DSC_03321-DSC_03201-DSC_0336 From the tropics to the desert each greenhouse has it’s own unique climate and foliage mixed with a bit of whimsical creativity, all to make for a wonderful experience and a guaranteed smile. 1-DSC_03621-DSC_03211-DSC_03261-DSC_0328This wonderful place is open 365(366 this year) days a week and the best part is it’s free! They also offer free parking.1-DSC_03771-DSC_03561-DSC_03311-DSC_0345 As I left I came across this small band of good Samaritans that offered me and everyone that came by a free meal, cup of tea and perhaps an upgrade on warm clothing.1-DSC_0301 All in all, truly a gem etched into the Toronto landscape and well worth the visit. So, if the greyness of a Toronto winter is giving you the blues and you need to lift your spirits celebrate winter with a visit to the Conservatory. You will be glad you did! As always enjoy Toronto.


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