An Evening With Anastasia Lin, Spoke Club, Toronto December 15 2015

On Tuesday evening celebrity friends, supporters and media were invited to The Spoke Club in support of and to meet Anastasia Lin. A truly brave and inspirational young woman.

She was born in China in 1990, moved to Vancouver at the age of 13 and attended the University of Toronto, where she double majored in International Relations and Theatre/Acting.DSC_0024DSC_0016 Her accomplishments run deep. A very successful actor, runway model on some of the world’s biggest stages, talented pianist, reigning Miss World Canada 2015..DSC_0039 DSC_0011The evening’s hosts, Jason Loftus,CEO Mark Media, Executive Producer, The Bleeding Edge and Leon Lee, Executive Producer, Flying Cloud Productions, Producer, Director, The Bleeding Edge, started the evening showing a clip of that film in which Anastasia Lin stars as a woman that is imprisoned and tortured for speaking out against human rights issues in China. In fact on this very evening Anastasia Lin’s biggest concern should have been representing Canada at the current Miss World Universe pageant being held in China. She was barred from entering the competition by the Chinese government because, as deep as her accomplishments may run, her passions run deeper.DSC_0026.NEF Above all else Anastasia Lin is a human rights activist. A voice for the voiceless. Her passion so evident when she speaks about her family’s, and many others, experiences in a place where human rights barely exist. The Chinese government even petitioned her father, a very successful business man to silence her and when she refused decided she was too risky to allow into their country. The country where she was born in fact. If the world is ever really going to change that change will have to come from the youth and from unexpected places. DSC_0046When I had a chance to shake her hand and wish her well and much strength I thought, if these are the young people unto whom the mantle of leadership will pass, we are in good hands! As always enjoy Toronto and the freedoms we have!


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