A Walk Through Kensington, Kensington Market, Toronto November 29 2015

Sometimes joy can be found in the simplest of places.DSC_0524DSC_0526 In my life in Toronto Kensington Market has always been such a place. A magical place. A living and breathing art showcase. DSC_0533DSC_0536DSC_0540The art is everywhere, on stores, in alleys, in sculptures. It is a testament to the creativity of the people that live and work here.DSC_0532DSC_0542DSC_0537DSC_0534 The day was my birthday, the mission was to find a new cap for winter and the result was the same wonderment and delight this place always seems to inspire. Always something new, always something to make you stop and think.DSC_0539 From the whimsical to the more thought provoking this place is art, in all it’s forms.DSC_0543DSC_0544 Further on through Chinatown I came across this car in front of the AGO, a plea from Ai Weiwei for legos. Can’t wait to see what he creates. DSC_0547DSC_0548Wound up the day at a friend’s place that offered this view from his 4th floor balcony.DSC_0551 Truly an amazing city full of amazing people. Get out and take a walk in Kensington, always entertaining, lots of good shopping and well worth the trip. As always, enjoy Toronto and to all the people that sent their best wishes and to all the people I met on Saturday, thank you for making my birthday such an enjoyable one.


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