World Premiere, Abbas Kiarostami,Doors Without Keys, Aga Khan Museum Toronto, November 18 2015

I was given the opportunity to attend the world premiere of the works of Abbas Kiarostami, Doors Without Keys at the Aga Khan Museum on Wednesday. Abbas Kiarostami was born in Tehran Iran in 1940. After graduating University with a degree in Fine Arts he began his career as a painter and graphic artist. At the age of 30 he began making films, some of which will be screened both here and at the TIFF Bell lighthouse throughout the running of this exhibit. The morning started with an appropriate ten minute clip of one of Abbas Kiarostami’s feature films from the 80’s in which the lead character was the door maker in a small Iranian town.


After an introduction by museum Director and CEO Andy Kim we got the chance to meet the artist on stage flanked by Amirali Alibhai, co-curator and Peter Scarlet,veteran film curator and film festival programmer, and through his translator got to learn firsthand Mr. Kiarostami’s love for the visual arts and his love for these doors.DSC_0518DSC_0487DSC_0497 The main feature of this exhibition is fifty photographs of some amazing doors amassed over 20 years of travel throughout Iran, France, Morocco and Italy, printed, life size, on canvas. Due to the previous government’s restrictions the photographs could not be brought here from Iran and these prints were created here in Toronto over the course of last summer.DSC_0502DSC_0494DSC_0486 The exhibit doesn’t follow any set pattern and the viewers are invited to wander randomly from one piece to the next.DSC_0513 No real beginning, no real ending, each door a compelling image and mystery. DSC_0483DSC_0517DSC_0503I found myself looking at some doors more than once and seeing it in a different way. DSC_0504DSC_0493The show opens on November 21, 2015 and runs until March 27, 2016. This was my second trip to this amazing place. DSC_0464DSC_0506The building itself is worth the visit and if you need more enticement than that the food is created by none other than Chef Mark McEwan. For more info on this event please check out Well worth the trip!! As always enjoy Toronto!


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