Toronto Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Parade, Exhibition Place Toronto, August 1, 2015

It was my pleasure on a beautiful sunny day to take in this annual parade which has been running since 1967. I remember following the steel bands when we walked south on University Ave. and losing my sister and her fiance after a nice Jamaican man offered to share his rum with me. Things have certainly changed. The bleachers were full, other than about 20 raindrops, the sun kept shining and after a few kind words from all three levels of government and organizers the ribbon was cut and the party started in earnest. The event was heavily covered by the media and I’m sure there are thousands of images that will be published. I realized that when I left I had taken in the neighborhood of 700 shots. I had found a spot to stand(and sit) that gave me the chance to get completely immersed within the parade. As these large groups of dancers swarmed around me i couldn’t help but see and feel the joy and love these people not only had for their Caribbean culture, but also for the sharing of that culture and for the love of celebrating together. Truly a monumental piece of Toronto and the many, many places people came from to share this event. Hopefully I have captured the faces and smiles that make up one truly amazing parade. I hope it gives you some of the same feeling that I got being there on the street. 

DSC_0132 DSC_0145 DSC_0156DSC_0211DSC_0215DSC_0172DSC_0283DSC_0229DSC_0246DSC_0237DSC_0272DSC_0293DSC_0297DSC_0337DSC_0333DSC_0326DSC_0827DSC_0730DSC_0017DSC_0571DSC_0570DSC_0627DSC_0575DSC_0649DSC_0483DSC_0512DSC_0505DSC_0498DSC_0487DSC_0482DSC_0446DSC_0420DSC_0368DSC_0348DSC_0347DSC_0342As always enjoy Toronto!~


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