Correction, Pow Wow at Fort York

In my recent article about the wonderful Pow Wow that took place on Saturday I wrote that the initiative for this event came from the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nations. This event, while on the traditional territory of the mississaugas, was actually started by Barb Nahwegabow (Vendor), Joseph Sagaj (Artist), Jason Jenkins (Aboriginal Pavilion Assistant) and Kim Wheatley(Cultural Consultant and pictured below). Their 4500 Facebook connections managed to draw approximately 600 participants with zero funds. This grassroots event was only made possible with the help of various FN organizations and 6 of 30 vendors sharing their wares, hearts and money to provide honourariums. I am continually amazed at the accomplishments made possible when people band together! Thanks again for letting me enjoy this beautiful event and to Kim Wheatley, thanks for setting the record straight.
DSC_0524 DSC_0572


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